As you may know, the locations that you choose are vital to creating the most beautiful photos for your brand. Whether you're embarking on a Personal Branding photoshoot, product, event, team photos, whatever it is you're working on, you want to start off with locations that represent your vision.

There are a ton of available spaces in Joburg but sifting through them and knowing what details to look out for can be tricky. So, use the suggestions below to help you choose your next space.

Remember that, from a photographer's point of view, light is everything! And natural light is the everything of everything! So, wherever you can, choose spaces that offer this. After that, keep an eye on what each space includes like furniture, props, backdrops, etc. to make the best choice.

1. Fynn Studio (Parktown north)

For a long time, Fynn has been the go-to studio space for most of my clients. They offer a wide studio area with various furniture pieces and a dreamy props cupboard. The space is a win for everything from individual portraits to styled products so we know we're in good hands when we book them as one of our locations.



Another stunning lifestyle studio which offers a beautifully lit space with furniture pieces and dreamy views.



Melrose Arch offers a variety in outdoor space and some elegant spots to use on your shoot. Permission is required and there are some restrictions but they're super friendly and helpful which makes it easy to arrange.



Everyspace lists some wonderful locations available across Joburg and beyond. It's so worth a look through their offerings to choose a unique space and one that fits with your brand. Because most of these spaces are furnished apartments, you're all set and won't need to hire in.


5. lightburst studio (boksburg)

Another gorgeous space for you to rent out for a few hours. With a few furniture items available the space offers a minimalistic look that can you can also make up as your own.


6. arctic fox (bryanston)

A full-space studio with a variety of areas to utilize for your shoot. It also includes counter spaces and an equipped kitchen for any chefs, stylists, and foodies out there.


7. photo factory (boksburg)

Another studio offering a variety of spaces for all sized shoots. Their main studio is decorated in fun and quirky themes so is a great choice for brands that want to create some fun and eclectic images for their marketing.


8. coffee shops, restaurants, hotels (ALL areas)

There are a ton of hospitality spaces available to you for your shoot. Please do request permission first, though. I've found that most of these will be happy to accommodate during their quiet time and with consideration towards their regular clientele. I also always buy a coffee or meal when using an establishment to, in a small way, say thank you.

In closing…

My clients are always assisted with this portion of the shoot planning. We get together on our Planning Call and go through our options, ones that make sense to their brand and vision, and then I assist in booking their locations for them as well. Once you know where you're going it gets so much easier to plan out the rest of the photoshoot.

If you've found any wonderful spaces in Joburg that haven't been listed here, please do let me know as I love supporting other local businesses wherever I can.