This lady is going places and she’s celebrating all the way. Nosipho is an interior designer and will be launching her new brand, Fuchsia Spaces, any minute now. So, we went all out planning her Deluxe brand photo shoot to include all sorts of elements that portray her style.

Interior designer standing in front of green wall

She’s a mom of 2 young ones and lives with her hubby and kids here in Johannesburg, South Africa. She’s all about attention to detail and being prepared ahead of time which, to be honest, is such a huge help for me as her photographer.

She arrived at her shoot ready, full of energy, and excited to build the most wonderful imagery for her brand.

She’s also just shared her gorgeous brand video on her Instagram page. Check it out here: Fuchsia IG

Brand photography of designer holding colour chart
Designer standing in kitchen reading a book
Brand photoshoot for interior designer

Deluxe Location 1 – Fynn Studio, Parktown North

This space is the perfect beginning to the shoot. Nosipho was able to get comfortable in a space that she had all to herself. She could change a few outfits, use a few props, and we blasted a bit of 80s music to get the energy going.

Using a lifestyle studio as part of your brand photo shoot allows you to create different stories/scenes and create so much amazing content and with the most amazing natural light too!

Have a look at Fynn’s space here: Fynn Studio IG

Interior designer laughing at restaurant table

Deluxe Location 2 – Tasha’s, Melrose Arch

After all that jiving around the studio it was definitely time for a good ol’ lunch break. So, we headed off to Tasha’s for a bite to eat and a little time to unwind and recharge. And, while there we took a few photos in their beautiful space.

These photos show Nosipho in a public setting which helps her to be relatable with her audience. It’s somewhere where she might meet up with clients or do a bit of remote work when she needs to get those creative juices flowing.

Thinking about popping in to Tasha’s soon? Check them out here: Tasha’s IG

Lady leaning on cushion
Brand photo of designer holding pillow inner
Interior designer inspecting cushion cover

Deluxe Location 3 – Heavenly Feather, Kramerville

Yip, you guessed it. These guys are all about pillows and cushions and linen and more. Nosipho was over the moon to be in a space so dedicated to the making of quality products. And, being able to experience the back-end of the business where they make everything on site!

As part of her Deluxe brand photo shoot we wanted to be intentional about showing how dedicated she is to making sure her clients get the best of the best.

Take a look at their gorgeous products here: Heavenly Feather IG

Lady standing in front of shelf holding candle
interior designer leaning on duvet inner
Designer reaching for linen in store

Deluxe Location 4 – Chrysalis Lifestyle, Kramerville

This dream of a store is so beautiful that Nosipho had no idea which way to turn :). From stunning bespoke linen to luxury toweling, this brand fits right in with Nosipho’s ideals and vision. We took the opportunity to browse through their many collections and capitalize on the amazing light in their showroom.

Oh, and I couldn’t help myself but take a quick browse through their fragrance range by WTF (What’s The Fragrance) and that’s exactly what I’ll be putting on my Christmas wish list.

Interior designer sitting on gold couch in store

Deluxe Location 5 – Kare Johannesburg, Kramerville

Now, this was a show stopper! I’m glad that we didn’t start at this location because we would probably never have left. Nosipho was in her element with all the design and décor elements in this store and it really gave her that boost of energy and excitement at the end of her shoot.

Trust me, you’re going to want to get to know these guys: Kare Johannesburg IG

Lady drinking coffee out of larch mug

All-in-all, this was such a great day! Was it busy, yes! Was it rushed and chaotic? NO! Nosipho and I worked closely together in the weeks leading up to her photo shoot so that all the stress could be taken out of the day.

She was prepped, excited, and determined to enjoy celebrating all that she’s accomplished, and about to accomplish. We had a wonderful time and I’d do it all again in a flash.

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