events & other

From events to interior design projects, brand photography is an all inclusive service. I'll often work with ongoing clients who update their content regularly and as they complete new projects.

These images are there to show your audience that you're still doing your thing and that you're active in your business.

Woman in pink dress at luxury event
Table of woman at event
Two women smiling at camera
Bottles of champagne and glass
Estee Lauder gift bags
Ladies laughing at poolside
Table shot at luxury event
Women sitting at event table
Woman talking at lunch event
Woman in pink smiling at event
Lipstick and gloss on pink table
Various beauty products on lilac table
Lady with champagne in front of Fenty sign
Women taking photo of pool and Fenty sign
Event food canapes
Woman spraying perfume in front of photo wall
Lady in orange dress photographed through mirror
Jewellery design studio wide angle
Couch and lamp shade behind plant
Jewellery display case with pink chairs