how it works


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We'll arrange a quick connection call where you can tell me all about your business and vision. Then we'll go ahead and book in your shoot date.


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I'll guide you along the preparation process for your upcoming shoot. You'll receive my Brand Questionnaire and tons of info to help you to plan ahead.

planning session

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We'll arrange a time to meet - either online or in person - so that we can go through the details of your shoot like key shot list, outfits, props, and all the finer details.

This way we'll both be super prepped and ready on the day.

photoshoot day

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We'll meet up at our first location and ease into the shoot nicely. I will direct you through posing, help with background choices, and select the lighting so that you can focus on being your fabulous self!

sneak peeks + selection

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About 3-5 days after your shoot you'll receive a few sneak peeks and your selection gallery with all usable images for you to select from. You'll choose your favourite photos based on how many are included in the offer you chose and I'll get onto the final edits ASAP.

Of course, you will have the option to purchase additional images if you'd like.

final image delivery

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Your final images will be delivered to you via an online gallery around 3 weeks after your shoot date. You'll be able to download your high resolution photos and start sharing them right away.


Up to 6 hours
10+ looks | outfits
4 locations
80 high resolution images
Planning consultation
Online selection gallery
Payment plan available

R10 650


Up to 3 hours
5+ looks | outfits
2 locations
40 high resolution images
Planning consultation
Online selection gallery
Payment plan available

R7 500


Up to 2 hours
3+ looks | outfits
1 location
20 high resolution images
Online selection gallery

R4 200

Other (product, events, etc)

All other shoots are quoted based on the specific requirements of the client.
These include things like location, number of products/images, number of scene setups, props sourcing, additional equipment, etc.

Let's chat so that I can advise accordingly.



This is my first brand photoshoot, how do i know which service to choose?

The best way to deal with this is to book a connection call with me. We'll take 15-30 minutes to go through your brand story and what all you need your images for. Then we can see which photoshoot suits you best and you can also ask any other questions you might have about your shoot.

How do I go about all the planning needed for my photoshoot?

This is an easy one... you don't do it alone! I will guide you through my Client Experience Flow that takes you, step by step, through the planning process and helps you to keep on track of everything leading up to your shoot. As soon as you book with me, I'm available to you to assist wherever possible.

How long in advance should I book my shoot for?

I recommend giving yourself at least 3 to 4 weeks to plan for your shoot. We'll need to decide on locations, scenes, outfits, props, hair and makeup, and a few other things. Having the time to plan well eliminates A LOT of overwhelm.

I really don't like having my photos taken, how do i make this as painless as possible?

I've got you! Very (and I mean it!) few of my clients have "wanted" to get their brand photos taken. Ironically, most of them have such a great time, they book again and again.
The key is that we work together ahead of your shoot to get you prepared, I help you to build you confidence and actually have a GOOD time at your shoot rather than wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible.