personal branding

Personal Branding Photography is all about you, the business owner, the magic maker, the dreamer.

It's about showing you as the strong woman that you are and telling your story through inviting imagery and content.

Coach holding affirmation cards
Coach with hands making heart shape
Coach wearing green with bubbles floating
Makeup artist packing brushes
Makeup artist with confetti
Feet wearing sandals with confetti on floor
Coach holding baby toy with self help books
Coach reading self help book
Coach in blue dress sitting on couch
Coach scientist dancing on rooftop deck
Coach scientist holding large affirmation card
Coach scientist standing on bridge
Coach scientist posing on rooftop deck
Coach in colourful dress with drum
Coach dancing with scarves on rooftop deck
Food technologist with mopani worms in bowl
Food technologist holding yellow fruit in front of eye
Food technologist holding a bunch of wild garlic
Consultant with pink blazer working on laptop
Consultant in printed coat in front of door