Hi Lovely!

I’m Kandi, and I’m the owner and photographer behind Life Style Photography, where I'm all about creating beautiful imagery and elevating brands.

My love for Branding and Lifestyle Photography has developed over the years of working with wonderful clients who are inspiring in their drive to reach some pretty amazing goals. And if they can do it, you and I can do it too! We just have to find our path.

This is what I help my clients with – showing up in their businesses in a way that makes them feel confident and motivated to keep on keeping on.

All I ever wanted was to be famous. Not the typical “I’m going to be a Hollywood actor or Grammy-winning singer” famous, but famous for something – though I didn’t know what for.

After years of the most random jobs and attempting various small businesses, I landed up in a corporate job where I stayed for almost 10 years. I loved the people and the company but realised that I was living the same month over and over again. I wrote my resignation letter and kept it in my bag for a month! I eventually walked out of there thinking I was going to own the world but soon realised that I had no idea about where to find leads, what to charge, or how to feel confident in my services.

I offered specials, discounts, ran competitions, and basically begged people to work with me. None of this did any good for my business or for my self-esteem.

Fast forward to 2021 after going through a really rough period of lockdown, my husband not being able to work, a tough pregnancy and birth, and then losing my Dad, I decided that I’d been through enough and that it was about time to take the reigns and really own my own life.

Now I’m running a successful business creating beautiful brand photography and coaching amazing entrepreneurs on how to feel confident and draw their dream clients in.

I work with people who value me and are passionate about how I can help them to succeed. It’s a win/win for everyone.

And, I’ve finally found what I want to be famous for! It’s for being the person who can help you to see your value, help you to grow the business of your dreams, to feel so confident in yourself that nothing can stop you now.

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Kandi laughing
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“Working with Kandi is an absolute blast! Enjoyed her bubbly, fun and warm personality, all while remaining professional. She pays attention to every last detail!!!”

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