getting to know a small business owner

Let me introduce you to the lovely Ika from Stella Moissanite. She’s the beauty and the brains behind the amazing jewellery you’ll see in some of these photos from our recent in-home personal branding photo shoot.

Designer writing at desk
Thank you card with rings in box
Jewellery designer holding tea cup and checking phone
Small business owner making tea
Designer working on website with rings
Small business owner writing in journal with tea cup

We got together on a lovely summer’s day in Parkhurst, Johannesburg to get some “story telling” images for her brand. These are the types of photos that she can use to share the personality behind what (and who) makes Stella so unique.

More info on Stella? Head on over to their website here.

White dog lying on carpet
Black dog sitting on chair with owner
Designer lying on cushion listening to music

Doing an in-home branding photoshoot is always a lovely idea especially for ladies who work from home because all your usual comforts are right there.

And, you can include the rest of the “team members” into a few of your photos as well – trust me, they LOVE the attention.

Jewellery designer wearing bracelet and rings
Small business owner wearing rings and smiling
Custom rings on tray with designer in the back
Lady holding ring measurements and pen

I like to encourage using your products as props in your shoot as it serves as an added bonus for product-based brands. These photos add a bit of character and are perfect for social media, blogging, and other marketing campaigns.

Small business owner sitting in restaurant

And, then it was time for a change in location! So, we found ourselves a little spot at the wonderful Kolonaki Greek Kouzina on 4th Avenue, and dug into some pita and dips in between shots.

You can find their menu and other details on their website.

Jewellery designer on phone taking notes
Small business owner holding phone at restaurant table
Lady writing in notebook
Designer looking into street holding glass
Small business owner smiling holding glass

I like to do as much planning as I can before each shoot so that, on the day, we get to just “hang out”. That way I know that we’ll get amazing shots AND have a good time together – it’s all about the experience. 

If you need any help with your brand photography, feel free to leave a comment or send a mail here .

Thanks for popping in!