A look behind the scenes

I take portraits, mostly. My clients are amazingly successful small business owners who have tons of guts and bravery when it comes to opening and building amazing brands.

From jewellery designers to coaches, authors to product-based businesses, I’ve seen some mind-blowing brands being built and run successfully.

But… (and, I mean buuuuuuuuuut!) when it comes to some of these women having their photos taken, it’s a whole other ball game. They tend to get nervous, all their confidence evaporates into thin air, and they have this preconceived idea that this shoot is going to be super uncomfortable from start to finish.

To be fair, most of us feel this way and it’s not our fault. Having your portraits taken, especially when you want to look fabulous as the face of your business, can be very daunting. We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves and want to get it just right. Who wants to look frumpy on LinkedIn? No thanks!

Photographer holding camera
Lady in floral dress on phone call
Lady sitting in front of be kind sign

So, from the other side of that scary lens, let me help you out. I want to share some of the things clients have said to me and my take on them as a professional photographer.

Remember that there are NO RULES when it comes to being the face of YOUR brand. People will have advice and tips, but you get to decide what works for you. Every successful small business has it’s own unique features.

Let’s get onto some myth-busting then, yes?

The things I’ve heard…

What they say

What I say

“These photos are just for LinkedIn so I don’t need to smile in them.”

Who said you can’t smile on LinkedIn? This is not your passport photo (or mugshot!). The people you connect with on LinkedIn are allowed to like you as a person. Go ahead, be yourself.

“I only need 1 headshot for all my profile pictures.”

Are you sure? You want to have the exact same photo all over the place and no options in your repertoire to update them every now and again?

You don’t want something a little fun for Instagram, and something tamer for LinkedIn?

What about your website? There should be a variety of images of you on there too.

Well, not really… I mean I could, but it’s going to take tons more time in post production which means more moola for you to pay.

Since you’re investing money and time into your shoot already, why not do it right by getting all the elements in place – makeup, hair, ever a stylist if you need the help?

Your photos will look better AND you’ll feel a lot more confident and beautiful at your shoot!

I hear you! A lot of people, if not most, don’t like it. Especially when they’re posed – it can get pretty awkward.

But, that’s why Personal Branding Photography is such a game changer. We build the experience for you, we include props and stories, and document a fun and chillaxed day together.

“My hair/clothes/makeup is a bit of a mess, but you can just Photoshop that, right?”

I have no doubt that what you offer is of great value, but people buy people, not things. A lot of us are in industries where we have hundreds of competitors, so why should people buy from YOU if they don’t even know you?

You’ll build up a more loyal and dedicated customer base when you introduce yourself to your people.

“I hate having my photo taken.”

“I don’t need to show my face, my products/services sell themselves.”

Lady in yellow top holding blue earring feather

Lastly, remember this…

You’re a pro at the products or services that you create and building your successful small business, so it’s okay if you’re not a pro at Personal Branding as well. You’re allowed to voice your concerns to your photographer, and they should be able to put you at ease for your shoot. Trust them to help you to look and feel like a million bucks.